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Each exhibit on the Freedom Bus highlights a different area of the Civil Rights Movement in East Central Indiana.
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A Virtual Experience

Take a look at the exhibits on the bus with our virtual tour experience. 

History of Oppression

What do you think of when you hear "Civil Rights Movement?" Martin Luther King? The 1960's? Protests and sit-ins? The KKK? This exhibit explains how the historic movement began.


School can be pretty hard sometimes, right? Imagine if you couldn't go to school because of what you looked like! Here, you'll learn more about local schools during the civil rights movement.

Public Accommodations

Public space did not mean everyone could use it. Public areas such as pools, school, and other spaces were often segregated.

Overcoming Acts of Hate

Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever been called a name you did not like? Have you ever been treated unfairly for no good reason?

What did you do?


Finding a job these days can take a lot of time and hard work...That is nothing compared to what some people had to go through in order to find employment.

Local Leaders

Check out some local leaders from Muncie, Anderson, and other surrounding cities in East Central Indiana. 

Oral Histories

We sat down with some local residents to get their first-hand stories of growing up during the Civil Rights Movement.

Call to Action

We are calling on you to make the real difference.

Find out how you can get involved and keep the "dream" alive.

Photo Credit to Laura Huffman, Media Director, Virginia Ball Center for Creative Inquiry 

Call to Action
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